With VBG MFC you connect the trailer directly from the cab. Even the pneumatics, the power, and the hydraulics, can be connected – a lot easier, more conveniently and much safer than before.


VBG has a variety of EC-approved couplings for all types of transport offering pin dimensions of 57, 50 and 40 mm. VBG couplings are easy to use and easy to maintain using simply replaceable service kits.

Accessories couplings

VBG has several different accessories for your coupling. Indicating kit, jack knife alarm, coupling mouth extender and more.

Manual couplings

The VBG range of manual couplings can be used for all types of transports andfits all current drawbar eyes on the market.

Drawbeam system

VBG's drawbeams are adapted for al types of trailers. The drawbeams can be mounted centrally in the chassis frame, or completely or partially underslung by means of VBG's range of endplate kits.

Endplate Kits

The endplate kits are designed to be partially or completely underslung with VBG’s range of drawbeams. See description for each endplate. Some of the endplate kits are adapted for mounting of underrun protection.

Underrun Protection

VBG has a complete range of underrun protection for trucks and trailers. The system of safety beams and endplate kits is adapted to most of the types of vehicles, frame widths and installation requirements to be found on the market.


VBGs drawbars is made from a small number of parts, is light-weight and yet strong. Lengths can vary (dependent on wich drawbar used) between 1,2-4,5 m with a c/c dimension of between 700-1300mm.

Drawbar Eyes

VBG has a complete range of drawbar eyes. They are available in bolted, flanged or welded types, and most with replacable wear bushings for economy and comfort.

Power Plugs

The VBG electrical connectors is unique it its market as it is designed for 24-volts system and harsch working environments.

Special Oils

Coupling mechanisms and power plugs last longer if properly cared for. VBG has developed two special oils to provide maximum protection from salt, dirt, moisture, frost and oxidation.

Rear Marker Plates

VBG has a full range of reflectors for trucks and trailers. The reflectors are EC-approved.