With VBG MFC, you can couple and uncouple your trailer without having to get out of the cab, which is simpler, more convenient and safer. With a single press of a button, you can initiate the connection and disconnection of all functions, pneumatic system, electricity and hydraulics. VBG MFC is available for trailers and dollies. You get stable, smooth and convenient connection with unbeatable driving comfort. VBG MFC quite simply improves comfort at all levels.

In order for VBG MFC to function in your vehicle, the coupling must obtain the truck's wheel-based speed via CAN. This information is retrieved from the truck's CAN bus for body builders (often called FMS CAN or SAE J1939).
If no CAN bus is available, please contact VBG Group Truck Equipment AB.

The following information must be provided for VBG MFC orders:

  • Vehicle make.
  • Mounting height – will the coupling be mounted centrally, underslung, or low underslung?
  • Should the vehicle be equipped with underrun protection?
  • VBG MFC or VBG MFC hydraulic?
  • Vehicle frame screw set.
  • Drawbar wedge – for trailers or dollies


VBG MFC complies with ECE Regulation R55, class S.
VBG MFC is supplied complete with beam system, installation kit, screw kit for the coupling part and cable.

Screw kits for vehicle frame mounting sold separately. To order, refer to the respective vehicle make and beam type.

Designation Part no.

VBG MFC complete system
VBG MFC hydraulic, complete system
VBG MFC, endplate EUS-MFC, complete system
VBG MFC hydraulic, endplate EUS-MFC, complete system


VBG MFC coupling part

Performance VBG MFC and VBG MFC hydraulic
D (kN)   188
Dc (kN)  147
V (kN)    35
S (kg)    1000

Type approval no.: E24*55R-010105

Designation Weight (kg) Part no.

VBG MFC hydraulic
Installation kit
Installation kit hydraulic



Separate drawbeam systems for VBG MFC can be ordered for each vehicle model under Drawbeam Systems.

Drawbar wedge

Information on drawbars can be found under “Drawbar eyes”.

VBG MFC drawbar wedge for. Two versions of the drawbar wedge are available: VBG MFC and VBG MFC hydraulic.

VBG MFC drawbar wedge for trailer. Two versions of the drawbar wedge are available: VBG MFC and VBG MFC hydraulic.