Indicating Kit

The warning lamps should, in accordance with Directive ECE 55R, be placed in the cab on all vehicles that have remote controlled couplings. VBG’s Indicating kit provides the driver with information in the cab on whether the coupling is closed or open.

Indicating kit
The kit consists of an indicating panel with cable, a supply cable with connector, and an electronic unit.

The electronic unit transfers the signal from the position sensor to the indicating panel in the cab. When the coupling is closed and secured a green light goes on, and when the coupling is open a red light goes on. Both lights go on to confirm the function when the ignition is switched on. The green light can be turned off by pushing the button so that the driver will not be disturbed when driving.
As an additional function the electronic unit includes a buzzer, which is connected to a jackknife alarm.

Additional accessories
Cable kit

The cable kit consists of a screened cable with an integral DIN connector or 6-terminal plug, clips for connecting the cables, and shrink tubing 0.6 m and 0.2 m. The cabling prevents other functions from interfering with the signals from the inductive sensor to the electronic unit. The shrink tubing holds the cabling properly in place.

Used to connect the indicating kit when you use your own cables.

Inductive sensor 
The sensor, which is fitted on the coupling’s signal and lock pin, detects the position of the lock pin. A signal is sent to the electronic unit, which sends information to the indicating panel in the cab.

External buzzer
An external buzzer can be connected to the Indicator kit if an increased warning signal is required.

Jack knife alarm
VBG Electronic Jack knife alarm is an accessory for couplings. The contact between the jackknife alarm and coupling is broken during jackknifing. A buzzer built into the electronic unit warns the driver.

Specification Part no.
Indicating kit
Type approval no.: E24*10R-050610 (09-099400)
Cabling 12 m
unshielded cable with DIN connector
Cabling 16 m
unshielded cable with DIN connector
Connector with clips 09-099500
Position sensor
Type approval no.: e24*72/245*2006/96*1751*00
Type approval no.: E24*10R-052000 (09-115600)
External buzzer 09-099800
Electronic jack knife alarm, complete kit
For VBG 750V/AM/PA, 795V/AM/PA, 795V-2/AM/PA,
795VR, 795VR-2/AM/PA, 7310D/7310D-2
(LED/buzzer not included)
Electronic jack knife alarm, complete kit
For VBG 575V-2/AM/PA, 590VR-2
(LED/buzzer not included)