Power actuator

The VBG Power actuator fits all VBG couplings and considerably simplifies connecting and disconnecting. The coupling is opened by means of a double-acting pneumatically controlled torsion device, which is operated by a manual value. A coupling fitted with a power actuator significantly improves the ergonomics and makes work a lot easier.

Simple and convenient operation
VBG Power Actuator fits all VBG couplings.
Connecting vehicles standing on uneven surfaces, twin steering axle trailers or couplings inconveniently placed well under the chassis, leads to unnatural and strenuous working positions when operating the coupling. By using a power actuator the coupling can be operated while standing up and without exertion, which clearly improves the ergonomics and makes the work easier.

Pneumatically controlled system
The power actuator consists of a double-acting pneumatically controlled torsion device, which is mounted on the right-hand side of the mechanism.
The torsion device is connected to the truck’s air system via a manually controlled valve. An inductive sensor mounted on the coupling’s signal and lock pin sends a signal to warning lamps in the cab.

Robust valve box
The valve is built into a protective and lockable box. The valve has a very robust design, with distinct positions and a small number of components. The valve and its component parts have also been tested and approved for severe environments and large variations in temperature.

Sensor for simple indicating in the cab
In accordance with current EU directives the power actuator is supplied with a sensor that is fitted on the coupling’s signal and lock pin. In accordance with Directive ECE 55R, warning lamps must be fitted in the cab for remote-controlled couplings. When the coupling is closed and secured, a green lamp should go on. When the coupling is open, a red lamp should go on.
Connect position sensor to the Indicator kit for a signal in the cab (see Indicating kit).

Complete kits
The power actuator is ordered and delivered in three parts:

  • Torsion device kit
  • Valve kit (same for all coupling models)
  • Bracket
  • Indicating kit
  • Cable kit

Designation Part no.

All couplings:
Valve kit
Indicating kit
Cable kit 12 m
Cable kit 16 m
Torsion device kit



For specifications and performance values,
see standard version of respective coupling