Service Tools

Service tools are used for the simple and correct dismantling and fitting of bushings. The tools can be combined and can therefore be used to replace the bushings on all the couplings in VBG’s range, including most previous models.

Full range of service tools

VBG Service tool, part no. 39-030000, is intended to be used together with a manual hydraulic pump, e.g. VBG’s foot pump 39-031700. The coupling connected to the hydraulic cylinder must be a female coupling and compatible with the Cejn series 115. Permitted hydraulic pressure 700 bar/10,000 psi.


  • Hydraulic cylinder
  • Tools
  • Threads
  • Nuts
  • USB memory stick with animated film sequences.
  • Installation instructions

Specification Part no.
Service Tools Couplings 39-030000
Hydraulic foot pump 39-031700