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VBG 5190D - Trailer coupling

Part No.

A comfort coupling for trailers with an articulated drawbar and ISO Ø 50 mm drawbar eye. VBG 5190D has increased bolt/bushing supporting surfaces and is ideal for use in combination with high total weights and demanding environments. The robust design and small number of components ensure low running costs and reliable operation. The well-proven attachment package affords you first-rate driving comfort.


This coupling has been discontinued and replaced by a new generation.
When the time comes to replace the mechanism, upgrade kits are available for use (see below)

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Mechanism upgrade – manual coupling

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Different operation


Power actuator – for maximum safety and comfort

A coupling with the VBG Power Actuator (PA) is opened and closed by means of a double-acting, pneumatically-controlled torsion device operated by a manual valve, with no need to reach underneath vehicle to access the coupling. This ergonomic solution is the most comfortable, and significantly simplifies coupling and decoupling. It saves you time and reduces the risk of injury.


Air-assisted opening makes things a bit easier

With the Air Mechanism (AM), you get a convenient, space-saving all-in-one solution. The mechanism has a single-acting diaphragm cylinder with a function for opening. A powerful spring is used for closing.



The coupling is opened by hand and closes by spring force. This version does not require any additional components.

You can always supplement manual coupling with air-assisted opening (AM unit) or a power actuator (PA unit).

Why should I choose this?

Fleet manager

The superior VBG quality, in combination with increased bolt/bushing supporting surfaces, extends the long service life and offers more carefree ownership. The reliable design minimises unexpected downtime and costly delays. The modular design, with interchangeable mechanisms, allows any repairs to be performed swiftly with few installation steps, which saves workshop time and ensures safety.

Tip: If you supplement with VBG MechMatic, lubrication and cleaning are performed completely automatically. This saves time and trouble for the driver and reduces service and maintenance costs.

Long service life
Reliable design
Increased driver efficiency
Low total cost of ownership

Tech manager

The coupling can be factory-fitted to the drawbeam. If you supplement with endplates or other equipment, we deliver the system fully-loaded, which saves both time and work. In addition, it results in a fully quality-assured system.

Standardised attachment
Quick and easy mounting
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Can be supplied factory-fitted


A coupling with a large rubber-mounted attachment, which mitigates movement between the vehicle and trailer, provides a high degree of driving comfort.
The reliable design and excellent access to assistance and spare parts from our nationwide service network minimise the risk of unexpected problems.

When you supplement with VBG MechMatic, you don’t have to think about lubricating or cleaning the coupling.

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Increases your safety
Saves time

Forget about cleaning and lubrication!

VBG MechMatic is the smart accessory that both cleans and lubricates the coupling completely automatically. This saves time and reduces costs – and prolongs the service life of the coupling.

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