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World-class system solutions

With VBG’s solutions, not only do you get the best couplings, the simplest and most flexible operation and the highest operational reliability, you also get the best total economy.

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With an understanding of the entire industry

VBG’s solutions are not only developed to achieve technical perfection, but also to boost profitability in your transport company. Accomplishing this requires more than the art of engineering – it requires thorough knowledge of the entire industry, its conditions and regulations. We possess this knowledge.


Our expertise is sought after across the industry, and it also contributes to the development of overall regulatory frameworks.

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Innovations that are truly needed

We see how the industry is constantly changing, and we listen to our customers. That’s why we also know which innovations provide real benefits. This drives our development – with safety and responsibility as top priorities – so that we can keep one step ahead. We have done so since 1951.


When everything is connected...

A smart system provides greater benefit!

In addition to optimising individual products and components, we place great emphasis on getting them to interact and work together optimally in a flexible system. This provides great benefits for all – bodybuilders, users and owners. Saving time and unnecessary costs at several stages provides you with a low total ownership cost – along with the highest possible quality.

Find out why a ready-made solution are often better than customised
The system is mounted quickly and easily.
Unbeatable durability and minimal service requirements.
Standardized system adapted to your needs.
Easy repair and high availability parts.
Based on high competence and development.
Solutions for bodybuilders
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