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VBG 575V

VBG 575V

You should know the following about couplings

A coupling for every requirement

VBG has EU-approved couplings for all types of transports, with 57, 50 and 40 mm eye dimensions. We have multi-trailer couplings for centre-axle trailers, dollies, and trailers, as well as comfort couplings only intended for trailers with articulated drawbars. The coupling can also be easily supplemented with the VBG Power Actuator or AM unit for air-assisted opening. 

All couplings can also be supplemented with VBG MechMatic for automatic lubrication and cleaning.

Which attachment do I need?

Multi-trailer coupling – designed for centre-axle trailers, dollies, and trailers when you need to be able to couple all types of towed vehicles. 

Comfort couplings – only intended for trailers with articulated drawbars. 

Coupling for 10-hole fitting – designed for heavy transports at reduced speeds on roads and for industrial purposes.

Secure and clear locking

The couplings have a fully automatic signal and lock pin, with clear markings for locked and open positions. One requirement for remote-controlled couplings in accordance with Directive ECE 55R is that warning lamps must be fitted in the cab. An easily installed position sensor and VBG’s Indicator kit provide the driver with information on whether the coupling is closed or open.

Ergonomics and service life

A rotating coupling bolt facilitates coupling and decoupling. It also increases the strength and prolongs the service life of the coupling bolt itself as well as the bushings. The lift axle is designed for multiple handle angles, and the handle is easy to replace.

Optional extras and accessories

As an optional extra, you can have the coupling factory-fitted to the drawbeam. 

There are plenty of handles available as accessories, along with jackknife alarms, coupling mouth extenders and protective inserts for certain models. 

Performance calculation (D and V values)

In order to select the correct coupling model, you must know the performance values required by your vehicle. You can calculate this using the VBG Performance Value Calculator.



A manual coupling is operated by hand. This version does not require any additional components. 

You can always supplement manual coupling with air-assisted opening (AM unit) or a power actuator (PA unit).

Air-assisted opening

The Air Mechanism (AM) unit is a convenient, space-saving, all-in-one solution. Ideal for when your coupling is installed in a hard-to-reach, confined space. The mechanism has a single-acting diaphragm cylinder with a simple function for opening. A powerful spring is used for closing.

Opening and closing with the power actuator

The VBG Power Actuator (PA) fits all VBG couplings and simplifies coupling and decoupling appreciably. The coupling is opened by means of a double-acting, pneumatically-controlled torsion device, which is operated by a manual value. A coupling fitted with a power actuator significantly improves the ergonomics and makes work a lot easier. 

Automatic coupling

The VBG Multi Function Coupling (MFC) allows you to couple the trailer directly from the cab. Electrics, pneumatics and hydraulics are also connected completely automatically. This is the fastest, most convenient and safest method of coupling and decoupling.