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Simple and convenient

The simpler the better

VBG’s couplings are designed to be coupled and decoupled quickly and easily, and with VBG Power Actuator you can couple and decouple even faster. You don’t need to worry about lubricating or cleaning the coupling – VBG MechMatic takes care of this fully automatically. With VBG MFC, you don’t even need to leave the cab! 


By saving time and reducing your workload, stress is minimised and you will feel better at work.

How to make the coupling of trailers easier
Quicker coupling and decoupling
Reduced workload
Minimised stress
VBG driver

Ergonomics are economical

Solutions such as power actuators not only save time, but also spare you from heavy manual labour and its burden on your body. Good ergonomics reduce injuries and musculoskeletal strain. This is why we focus on ergonomic solutions. This benefits everyone.

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Help is everywhere – if you need it

In the unlikely event that you experience a failure, help is always close at hand. Our workshops’ expertise and easy accessibility to spare parts provide the shortest possible downtime, and you avoid unnecessary waiting times. You can easily get help at the nearest workshop. That is comforting to know.

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VBG MFC – world record in convenience

Do you spend a lot of time every day coupling and decoupling? Or would you prefer the most convenient solution? With VBG Multi Function Coupling (MFC), you can stay safely seated in the cab. With a single press of a button, you can activate coupling and decoupling of all functions – pneumatics, electrics and hydraulics. You get stable, smooth and convenient coupling with unbeatable driving comfort. VBG MFC is, quite simply, the most time-saving and convenient coupling solution on the market.

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