VBG makes things easier for bodybuilders

Everything fits together right from the start. It couldn’t be simpler.

One system adapted to different needs

In VBG’s solutions, everything fits together right from the start. This means you avoid complicated adaptations. We help you to create the optimal combination of system components for your particular vehicle. Working in this way saves a lot of assembly time. 

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One step ahead through collaboration

Our developers work closely together with vehicle manufacturers. Therefore, our solutions are suitable for all manufacturers and fit all vehicle types. And when it comes to new regulations, we adhere to them from early on. This means we are well-prepared when new certification becomes a requirement. 

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Let VBG do part of the job

Save time with pre-assembly

In addition to type-approved products that are designed to work together, you can also receive them pre-assembled and delivered to your projects on time. In this way, you can optimise lead times, shorten assembly times and further increase your profitability. We also guarantee quality-assured assembly.

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rear end solution

For customised rear ends

VBG Rear End Solution is a modular system that makes it possible to create a smart, complete rear end – fully integrated with the other parts of VBG’s coupling system. Since the solution is not welded but screwed together, all surfaces can be surface-treated and are easy to install and replace if repairs must be carried out. This results in shorter downtime.

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There may be a better solution

What to consider when choosing a system solution. You probably do the same thing you usually do – opting for what you know works well. But there may be something even better. Let our experts help you to figure out the optimal solution for your customers’ needs. 

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