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Here you can search among our documents. If you are looking for old documentation for discontinued products, go to the archive. Quick links to common support questions and forms can be found below.

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MFC Service Portal

In our extranet you will find MFC Service Portal.

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Maintenance guidelines

Here you will find guidelines for inspection, service and maintenance of VBG products.


VBG Performance Value Calculator

VBG Performance Value Calculator

Here you can calculate performance values (D, Dc and V values) to select clutch equipment for your vehicle. You can also check if your vehicle combination may be used with the existing coupling equipment. 

VBG Performance Value Calculator

I need service or repair

You can get help and spare parts from all truck dealers and large workshops. You can also get help with drawbars from authorised drawbar depots. If you have problems with VBG MFC you can get help from authorised VBG MFC service points.

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