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Bolts are important!

It is imperative that the VBG system is assembled using the right types of bolts with the correct lengths. This is a matter of safety, since the wrong bolt can affect the strength of the system!

VBG bolt kits are surface treated with consideration given to the surrounding materials, and provide corrosion protection in salt-spray tests for up to twice as long as zinc-iron.

•  Grade 8.8 is zinc-nickel-treated for a hard and insensitive surface layer.

•  Grade 10.9 is zinc-aluminium treated to prevent hydrogen embrittlement.


Always choose bolts with the least possible potential difference to the surrounding material in order to minimise corrosion.

How to choose the correct bolt length

You should know the following about drawbeam systems

Coupling heights

The drawbeam system is divided into four categories, according to coupling heights:



Central mounting

Internal mounting 

The easiest mounting solution for central and semi-underslung mounting is Drawbeam C7 along with endplate kit type EDS. Underslung mounting is possible with Drawbeam DB 75V-2 and endplate type EDH.

Performance calculation (D and V values)

In order to select the correct drawbeam system, you must know the performance values required by your coupling equipment. You can calculate this using the VBG Performance Value Calculator.


Options depending on application

Do you require internal mounting but lack space on the vehicle frame exterior? Or do you want to mount the drawbeam to a trailer? VBG has solutions for different needs and applications.

World-class surface finishing

The entire drawbeam – including the interior – is surface-treated using a zinc-manganese phosphatising process and ED treatment to ensure the best possible corrosion protection. The exterior of the drawbeam is powder-coated to ensure improved resistance to abrasion and has a high finish. Learn more about VBG’s unique surface treatment.