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An innovative system that warns the driver of jackknifing and guides coupling. Increases safety in the driver’s workday and reduces potential repair costs. 

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Saves time

The system’s radar sensors detect the position of the drawbar and guide the driver for quick and secure coupling. The driver does not even have to leave the truck cab, but can instead calmly focus on the right things.   

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Increases driver safety

VBG Driver Assist helps the driver when reversing. The system guides the driver to the correct position during coupling and warns when there is a risk of jackknifing. These features reduce risks and contribute to a safer work environment for the driver.

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Reduces repair costs

The system issues the warning in good time so that the driver can recognise and rectify situations that could damage the vehicle rig. VBG Driver Assist helps to reduce repair costs.

Jackknife Warning

VBG Driver Assist alerts the driver when reversing via audio signals in the cab when the system detects that the vehicle rig is at risk of jackknifing. The audio signals start at a 40-degree angle and end with a constant tone when the maximum warning angle is reached. This angle is determined when installing the system and may vary depending on what the vehicle permits. The jackknife warning is only activated when reversing.

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Coupling Guidance

The system’s radar sensors detect the position of the drawbar and guide the driver for quick and secure coupling. The driver does not even have to leave the truck cab, but can instead calmly focus on the right things.

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The warning signals that sound when there is risk of jackknifing help the driver turn in tight spaces, such as when loading and offloading timber. This is of great help to us in the forestry industry. It increases safety and there’s less worry about injuries. When driving on uneven and narrow roads and in changing weather conditions, there is always a risk of injury. Getting stuck in mud or getting the trailer stuck in a ditch are just some of the risks we are always prepared for. Any system that can contribute to a safer working environment is good.


Ari-Pekka Sinerva – Aldegrens Transport

I can no longer imagine driving my truck without VBG Driver Assist. I’ve gotten used to the support I get and I can relax more at work. The audio indication in the cab works really well, the sound level is appropriate, and the instructions are easy to understand. The system provides me with a sense of calm, which I appreciate very much.


Jonny Andersson – Andersson & Wernlund AB

Areas of use


Narrow areas

VBG Driver Assist helps the driver when reversing. It is very difficult for a driver to stop reversing and rectify a difficult situation in spaces with restricted manoeuvrability. The system assists the driver in the right direction on the first attempt.


Freight terminals

Collecting and delivery cargo at freight terminals demands a lot of attention from the driver as there are many vehicles in motion at the same time. When reversing at freight terminals, VBG Driver Assist contributes to the safety of both the driver and the terminal staff.


Uneven ground

At construction sites, on gravel roads, at gravel pits, and in similar areas the ground is usually uneven, which makes it difficult to couple trailers. VBG Driver Assist significantly simplifies this process, which increases safety and streamlines the driver’s work.



VBG Driver Assist guides drivers who deliver and collect forestry transports. The challenge of uneven ground and forested areas in which it is difficult to manoeuvre can cause problems during coupling. The system helps the driver to avoid risks that arise during forestry transports.

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Future possibilities

Working together with you, we are developing innovative solutions to improve safety on our roads. We are full of ideas, but would love to know what possibilities you see to further develop Driver Assist. If you have any thoughts, ideas or questions about this, please contact us!


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