Brackets for power and air, left

Bracket for trailer connections
Part No. 28-045778

VBG’s system of brackets is adapted to most electrical and pneumatic connectors on the market. The brackets are mounted on the drawbeams and can be used in several different positions.

Flexible system of brackets

VBG’s brackets for installing electrical and pneumatic connectors are intended to be mounted on drawbeams from VBG’s DB range. The brackets are fitted in the pre-drilled hole pattern on the drawbeam. As standard, the brackets are supplied with a surface coating produced from a zinc-manganese phosphatising process, and a topcoat in one colour with a high finish and first-rate resistance to corrosion.

The brackets have hole patterns adapted for fitting:

• VBG Electrical connector 14-17
• 15 N
• 7 N
• 7 S
• Charger plug
• Duomatic
• Palm coupling

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