Bush kit

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Bush kit
Part No. 09-073500

A bushing kit contains one upper jaw bushing and one lower jaw bushing. These absorb forces from the coupling bolt and reduce friction so that the coupling bolt can rotate with minimal wear.


VBG’s bushing kits are designed to function optimally together with other components in the coupling system. All parts have been meticulously developed over time to ensure optimal performance and durability with regard to the materials, hardening, and surface finish. This means that VBG bushing kits are exceptionally durable and extend the service life of your coupling.


Make it a habit to replace bushings whenever you replace the mechanism. This way you can be sure that your coupling maintains the correct safety standard and that it will have a longer service life.


You can save even more time by using the VBG service tool. With this tool, you can change bushings quickly and easily without having to heat or knock out the old ones.

Technical data


Weight 1.1 kg

Servicing film

Here you can see how you use VBG service tools to service and fit/remove the bushings.

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