VBG Jackknife warning

VBG Jackknife warning system alerts the driver when there is a risk of jackknifing.
Mounting on a drawbeam is a smart option when you want to retrofit VBG Driver Assist. Drawbeam mounting of the system is also an option when it is not possible to mount DSMs on existing endplates.

This system only includes a jackknife warning feature.
Jackknifing illustration

Jackknife Warning 

The system alerts the driver via audio signals in the cab when there is a risk of jackknifing. This enables the driver to rectify the situation and regain control. The audio signal is triggered at an angle of 40 degrees and increases in frequency the closer the rig is to the jackknife angle. When mounted on a drawbeam, a maximum of 73 degrees is allowed in the jackknife angle. Once the maximum angular displacement has been reached, the audio signal switches to a constant tone. The angle figure is determined either directly when installing the components of the system or afterwards at the customer. The jackknife warning is only activated when reversing.

DSM JK+DA 28-124000+28-124100_4231x3665

The components included in the system are:

  • 2 DSMs (Drawbar Sensing Module) that calculate the drawbar position.

  • 6 reflectors that are attached to the drawbar, 3 on either side.

  • 1 tube of glue Sikaflex 291i for the application of the reflectors.

  • 1 cabling for connection of DSMs to VBG’s electrical architecture.

  • 1 cable connected to the BCM (below the dashboard) to add a braking signal to the system.

  • 1 speaker for voice guidence and audio signals.

  • 1 magnet used during system setting procedure.


VBG Driver assist system

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