How to choose the correct bolt length



The principle for calculating the correct bolt length is simple:Once everything has been assembled, the bolt should protrude at least one millimetre from the nut.


The minimum permitted bolt length is therefore the total thickness of everything assembled: plate + nut length + one additional millimetre.


Calculation example: Drawbeam 10 mm + endplate 10 mm + spacer 8 mm + bracket 6 mm + nut 20 mm + one protruding millimetre = minimum bolt length 55 mm.

The maximum length of the unthreaded section of the bolt must equal the plate thickness minus two millimetres (in order to ensure that the entire nut encapsulates the bolt threads).


Calculation example: Drawbeam 10 mm + endplate 10 mm + spacer 8 mm + bracket 6 mm - 2 mm = maximum permissible unthreaded section 32 mm.


In this case, you need to select a bolt that is at least 55 mm long, with an unthreaded section measuring 32 mm or less.



What is the material thickness?

The precise material thickness can be found in the information drawing or installation instructions of each product. The thicknesses of our most common products can be found in the table below.

Product category

Product Material thickness(mm) Common spacers (if the frame lacks an inner liner) (mm)




Drawbeam DB 75V-2, -3 och C7 10  
  CMS 63V/EU Scania 10 8
  CMS 63V/EU Volvo 10 10
  CMS DBI Scania 12 8
  CMS DBI Volvo/RVI 12 10
  CMS DBI Mercedes 12 7
  CMS DBI MAN 12  7
  CMS DBI Iveco 12 7
  CMS DBI DAF 12 10
  CMS MFC Scania 10 8
  CMS MFC Volvo/RVI 10 10
  CMS MFC Mercedes 10 7
  CMS MFC MAN 10 7
  CMS MFC Iveco 10 7
  CMS MFC DAF 10 10
  AMS MFC Scania 10 8
  AMS MFC Volvo/RVI 10 10
  AMS MFC Mercedes 10 7
  AMS MFC MAN 10 7
  AMS MFC Iveco 10 7
End plate for drawbeam      
  All drawbeamendplates (except EDMS = 12mm) 10  
  EDMS  12  
End plate for underrun protection      
  Fixed end plates for underrun 8  
  Removeable end plates for underrun 10  
  Folding EUF-2 10  
  Folding EUFA 8  

Backwards position UPSO-2


Backwards positionUPS-2


Available in different thicknesses

1,2,5,8 or 10  
Konsol Varies between manufacturer and type n  
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