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VBG 590VR-2 - Trailer coupling

Coupling VBG 590VR-2
Part No. 09-072300

This product has been discontinued from our range. Here you will find product information such as technical data, documentation, manuals and any spare parts for your product.

This coupling is for centre-axle trailers, dollies and trailers with an ISO Ø 50 mm drawbar eye. A totally unique design using spring compression elements where the material is so rigid that the drawbar eye is guided in during coupling, while also being sufficiently elastic to allow angular displacement of 90 degrees with a fixed coupling mouth. The well-proven attachment package, with its large bearing surfaces, has been adapted for large vertical forces.

VBG 590VR-2, with an encapsulated attachment package, is the choice for those who drive under tough road conditions, e.g. forestry, building and construction transport.

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