For haulage vehicles

VBG Multi D130 Drawbar

VBG Multi D130, Ø40, Vibra
Part No. 25-043978

VBG Multi is a lightweight yet strong drawbar, and fits trailers with c/c distances of between 980/1100/1200/1300 mm. Drawbar lengths vary between 1200 – 3000 mm, in increments of 50 mm.
It is very easy to mount using bolted joints, and, to further simplify installation, there is a special centring device which fits into the drawbar eye.

The drawbar can be adapted to most vehicle combinations. With only a small number of standard units it is possible to achieve drawbar lengths from 1200 – 3000 mm (see table) and c/c distances of 980/1100/1200/1300 mm.

Several options
The drawbar can be fitted with either Vibra blocks or Bria brackets for attachment to the trailer.

The drawbar can be supplied with a foot step, catwalk and balance spring, or the like, which adjusts the drawbar to the height of the coupling.

VBG Multi Drawbar consists of:
1 Front part, incl. bolt set
2 Side members
2 Rear brackets with fitted Vibra blocks (Ø 32 mm) or Briab brackets
2 Pivot bolts or Briab installation kit
2 Mounting plates

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