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VBG MFC - Trailer coupling

VBG MFC system complete
Part No. 08-213700

The VBG MFC (Multi Function Coupling) sets a new standard on the market. Fully automatic coupling and decoupling not only saves a great deal of time, but also offers maximum safety and convenience for the driver – who doesn’t even need to leave the cab

A single press of a button activates coupling and decoupling of all functions – pneumatics, electrics and hydraulics. The unique comfort wedge provides stable, smooth and convenient coupling with unbeatable driving comfort. The entirely backlash-fee coupling also reduces total wear on the vehicle.

For coupling and decoupling carried out numerous times daily, the time saved with VBG MFC can be so significant that it will be the most economical of all coupling solutions. Less idling time also provides significant environmental benefits.

VBG MFC is approved for both trailers and dollies. Available with or without hydraulics.

How it works

The coupling and drawbar head have integrated connections for brake air, electrical systems, and hydraulics. Once the drawbar head is in position, it is secured by dual locking wedges that lock it in position, and then the brake air, electrics, and hydraulics are connected fully automatically.

MFC Function4

How to couple

During coupling, ultrasonic sensors send signals to the control panel in the cab, which shows the position of the drawbar head in relation to the coupling. This makes it easy to guide in the drawbar head, without having to rely on a rear camera.

MFC display

It couldn’t be simpler

Everything can be controlled simply and easily from the control panel in the cab. The display shows when the coupling process is starting, when you can start reversing, and when the coupling has been completed. When the green coupling symbol appears, the system is coupled and locked, and you can start driving.

Ready to order VBG MFC?


In order for VBG MFC to function in your vehicle, the coupling must obtain the truck’s wheel-based speed via CAN. This information is retrieved from the truck’s CAN bus for bodybuilders (often called FMS CAN or SAE J1939).

Complete VBG MFC system

A complete VBG MFC system is always delivered factory-fitted with coupling, drawbeam, installation kit and electric cable. 

Read more about the drawbeam systems available for VBG MFC.

Underslung installation VBG Drawbeam CMS-MFC

Central installation VBG Drawbeam AMS-MFC


Read more about type of end plate suitable for underrun protection.



Read more about the drawbar systems available for VBG MFC.

Drawbar Multi XF

Drawbar Optimal

Order information

The following information must be provided when ordering:

 - Vehicle brand

 - Mounting height – will the coupling be mounted centrally, underslung, or low underslung?

 - Will the vehicle be equipped with underrun protection?

 - With or without hydraulics?

 - Screw kit for mounting the drawbeam to truck frame?

 - Drawbar head – for trailer or dolly?

Why should I choose this?

Fleet manager

When coupling and decoupling numerous times daily, you can save plenty of time and money with VBG MFC. Since you are able to save several minutes during each coupling and decoupling, you save a significant amount of time, which can instead be used to keep your vehicle rolling. Fuel consumption when idling during coupling and decoupling can also add up substantially over time – fuel that could otherwise be used for driving. Viewed over the service life of the vehicle, fully automatic coupling may actually be the most economical solution.

VBG MFC provides maximum safety, ergonomics and comfort for the driver, and the driver does not even need to leave the cab in tight spaces or hazardous environments.

Long service life
Reliable design
Increased driver efficiency

Tech manager

VBG MFC is delivered as a complete unit for the vehicle. Everything is finished and ready – the beam system, coupling, and electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic connectors are pre-assembled and are quick and easy to install on the vehicle.

Standardised attachment
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Quick and easy mounting


It couldn’t be easier, faster or more convenient than this. Coupling and decoupling is fully controlled from the control panel in the cab. Because you do not need to leave the cab or control coupling in strenuous postures, the risk of musculoskeletal injuries is reduced and your safety is maximised.

VBG MFC affords you backlash-free coupling with unbeatable driving comfort. With quick automatic coupling and decoupling, you can experience less stress and feel a little better at work.

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Increases your safety
Saves time

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