For forestry vehicles and haulage vehicles

VBG Multi D179 Drawbar

VBG Multi D179, Ø57, Vibra
Part No. 25-044378

VBG Multi is a lightweight yet strong drawbar, and fits trailers with c/c distances of between 980/1100/1200/1300 mm. Drawbar lengths vary between 1200 – 3000 mm, in increments of 50 mm.
It is very easy to mount using bolted joints, and, to further simplify installation, there is a special centring device which fits into the drawbar eye.

The drawbar can be adapted to most vehicle combinations. With only a small number of standard units it is possible to achieve drawbar lengths from 1200 – 3000 mm (see table) and c/c distances of 980/1100/1200/1300 mm.

Several options
The drawbar can be fitted with either Vibra blocks or Bria brackets for attachment to the trailer. Two different dimensions for drawbar eyes are available: SS Ø57 mm, ISO Ø50 mm.

The drawbar can be supplied with a foot step, catwalk and balance spring, or the like, which adjusts the drawbar to the height of the coupling.

VBG Multi Drawbar consists of:
1 Front part, incl. bolt set
2 Side members
1 Rear cross member, incl. bolt set (performance D only: 179 kN)
2 Rear brackets with fitted Vibra blocks (Ø 32 mm) or Briab brackets
2 Pivot bolts or Briab installation kit
2 Mounting plates

Why should I choose a VBG drawbar?

VBG system overview

Quality you can rely on

No chain is stronger than the weakest link. When you choose a reliable coupling, you also need be able to rely on the drawbar. The high quality of VBG's products means that the drawbar will be an equally strong link as other VBG products in the coupling system. This reduces the risk of unexpected downtime. Dependability for both owners and drivers.

Drawbar Multi comlete

It is not just a drawbar

With a large selection of adapted catwalks, brackets, attachments and other accessories, the driver can work both faster and more safely when connecting and disconnecting the trailer. This reduces the risk of both personal injury and damage or unnecessary wear on hoses and couplings.

VBG truck bridge 1


If an accident occurs, you can quickly get assistance. The modular design means that most things can be fixed quickly and easily in the workshop. You can even easily get an entire replacement bar if needed, since complete, adaptable VBG drawbars are kept in stock at drawbar depots around the country. Minimal time in the workshop allows the vehicle to be kept on the road.

surface treatment

Higher value at a lower cost

The high quality materials and VBG’s unique surface treatment ensure you will have a long-lasting drawbar. The fact that the high quality finish lasts for years and years does not only mean that the trailer looks good, it also ensures a good resale value. With a VBG drawbar you get both low-cost and hassle free ownership.

VBG drawbar parts

The flexibility creates value

The modular design with bolted joints gives you unique flexibility. The adaptability of the drawbar makes it not only possible to adapt it to your needs, but also increases the resale value of the trailer, as the drawbar can be adapted for the needs and wishes of the next owner.

Documentation / Manuals

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