Approved in accordance with UNECE R58.03 and ECE 55

VBG Steel beam UCSP 180 - TOW

VBG Protection Beam UCSP 180-TOW L=2362 - UK 85x45
Part No. 21-732878

Round protective beam in steel for permanent installation. Approved for ball bracket mounting. The product has a surface treatment of the highest quality, with a powder-coated finish for increased durability. The beam is equipped with covers on the sides. An outline marking runs the full length of the beam for increased visibility and safety in traffic.
The protective beam is available in two versions for ball bracket mounting: ISO 83x56 and UK 85x45.
VBG’s underrun protection system can be mounted on many types of chassis with different frame rigidity (see table under Technical Data)


Note that the certificate is valid for complete VBG underrun protection systems, according to R58 rev 3.

VBG Tabell ramstyvhet vit text_Engelska


Vehicle chassis frame rigidity required for mounting VBG’s underrun protection system according to R58 rev. 3.


Frame inertia moment: Minimum (see table)

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